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What should i make a series of and what should i call it?

2010-07-16 21:53:58 by leaf1110

well i was thinking and i am making a flash and i dont know what to call it but i want to start a series give me ideas and what should i call it?

What should i make a series of and what should i call it?


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2010-07-16 22:55:38

Well if we give you an idea of a series then it wouldn't be yours now would it?
First off don't even try a series yet because you still need to develop animation skills and an art style, once you made a couple with one being at least near a 4 then you may have a good chance.
Now onto what you want to know: Coming up with a series.
#1 Think of something original
Yeah real obvious and cheesy but thats a way, try to think of something that hasn't been done before (or at least didn't become too popular)
#2 Exploit an existing idea
What I mean by this is to find a hole in the story or concept of an existing idea, for example "Why did so and so decide to do such and such" then you base a story around your perspective of how this happened USING YOUR OWN CHARACTERS, PLACES, ETC. Basically a fanfic without the fan.

Those are two ways to find a story.
You have to do that yourself or at least ask once you have your idea (don't ask here)
You can just call it what it is in a few catchy words or maybe you can look up words from ancient texts that mean similar things to what you're making.
You're on your own there kid.

Well thats it in a nutshell I guess, hope you do well.

leaf1110 responds:

Wow thanx for the info I really appreciate it and the in depth of it as well


2010-07-17 07:27:51

Killer Whales


2010-07-24 22:20:40

The Sister Hood Of The Traveling Pants....

Or something cool like

ShackalackaMONKArucka! could be about anything


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